Owner of house offended by cutout

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By David Giuliani

Greg Olyphant is a registered Democrat and says he proudly supported Barack Obama for president.

So he wasn’t happy to find out that someone hung a cutout of the president-elect with a noose around the neck on the front porch of a house at 909 Fourth St., which he purchased earlier this year.

Olyphant, a professor of geology at Indiana University, plans to move into the house. Meanwhile, a contractor is doing improvements.

Last week, the Optic ran a photo of the cutout, which seemed to harken back to the times when blacks were lynched in the United States.

A man sitting in front of the house confirmed that it was a noose, but he said he wasn’t against blacks.

The cutout was taken down shortly after two Optic reporters questioned the man about it.

Olyphant said he’s not sure who the man was, but he is asking his contractor about it.

“We have already called the police and asked them to keep an eye on the house. We’re not there right now,” he said in a telephone interview.

He said he found out about the cutout from a neighbor and then saw last week’s story in the newspaper.

“I’m not certain who did it. I don’t want to accuse anyone. My wife just about had a heart attack when she heard about it,”Olyphant said.

Olyphant said he detests such a depiction on his front porch, and he doesn’t want anyone in Las Vegas to think he in any way endorses it.