Ouch! Us, too...

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By Naomi Gonzales

Now, the economy just doesn’t affect the adults, it affects the younger crowd too.

With the crazy gas prices (which are actually getting better) and the money that has to go toward school, I would have never guessed that this would effect me the way it has.

Now that I have a car and drive myself everywhere, I’ve noticed that most of my money has gone straight toward gas, and I have to say my car is not the most efficient on gas. It’s good, but it has a big tank so when I go to fill it up it takes about 30 dollars or more.

So I guess you could say that’s where my paycheck goes. It really never used to be a big problem for me until I had to start paying for gas— then I started to understand why my dad would hate to go to the pump. (I guess you could say not having a license was a money saver.)

With these soaring gas prices it’s going to be even harder when I move to Albuquerque. A bigger city means I’m going to have to spend more money on gas. But it’s not just the gas prices that are driving me a little crazy. It’s also college. Its a bit on the crazy side trying to apply for federal money and scholarships when you don’t even know where to begin. Especially now that the economy is as crazy as it is, it’s even harder to get grants and federal money, even loans (and getting loans is kind of a bad idea).

But there is hope! Learning to be money efficient is a good way to start saving money and  anybody can do this.

If you would like to save money on gas, trying walking to school. If you live far away, drive to school but do as much walking on campus as possible. Especially for lunch. try walking to the restaurants. Not only does it save money,  it keeps you active! But if you do decide to go out with some friends, make it a car load instead of having one person going in their own car and some others in another. Its not only fuel efficient,  it’s much more fun, too!

If you would like to start saving money for school, it’s not as hard as it seems but its going to take a little work.

You could find a part-time job, it doesn’t have to be a job with long crazy hours. Just a simple job. Not only can you start saving money for school you could have extra money on the side to do with  what you please.

You don’t always have to get the newest things right away. It is way cheaper if you wait a couple of months to buy something, especially when they first come out and they’re like 400 dollars. Once they have made sales the prices are sure to drop. By doing this can save a couple of bucks (I promise you that if you wait they will still be the new “in” thing ... just a little less expensive.)

I shouldn’t be just talking about this, though. I also need to start doing some of these things. I am one of those people that wanted an iPod right away, but I’ve learned that if I just wait a couple of months the prices do go down and sometimes they come out with more of a variety than just one.

I also need to start saving gas by not driving around for lunch so much. So don’t worry, everybody needs a little adjustment!

Naomi Gonzales  is an Optic intern and a Robertson High School senior. She can be reached at naomig717@msn.com