Ordinance will kill wind farms

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On Tuesday, Dec. 14, at 1:30 p.m., the San Miguel County commissioners will vote on an ordinance to govern wind farms in the county. As the ordinance now stands, it will essentially kill all wind farm development in the county.

Wind farms will create jobs, bring money into the hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.  They will also generate tax revenue for the county. The state of New Mexico and San Miguel County are in trouble, the state is in a $450 million deficit and soon cuts will be made that will surely affect San Miguel County. It is time for all of us to act. We need to encourage the county commissioners to pass an ordinance that will be supportive to wind farm development.

My family has lived, attended school, and worked in this county for 50 years, and it is very troubling that a small vocal group can dictate what the rest of the county does. If this ordinance passes, as it is now stated, it will affect everyone in the county.

Marie Trigg Keller