Optic moving online content behind paywall

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By The Staff

The Las Vegas Optic is moving toward a subscriber-based website, beginning Monday.
Visitors to lasvegasoptic.com will need to buy a subscription to have full access to all content on the website. Free limited access options will also be available.

The change will have no impact on Optic readers who get their news, advertising and information only from the newspaper’s hardcopy editions. Subscribers who wish also to have full online access to the Optic’s content need only to register for the service.

Tom McDonald, editor and publisher of the Optic, said the move is intended to restore value to the newspaper’s content online.

“It no longer makes sense to continue to give away our content online while our loyal hardcopy subscribers regularly pay to read such content. Covering our community is expensive, and it has value that’s worth the price of admission,” McDonald said.

Starting Monday, a visitor on a specific IP address will get 10 minutes of unlimited free access before a pop-up window asks them to register. Options at that point include signing up for limited access to specific online content and features; for a free trial for 30 days of full access; or to purchase a subscription for full access to all content.

Open access is available to all who visit the Optic’s home page. All visitors will have access to the latest Optic headlines and multimedia features; the blogs and forums (read only); all banner, skyscraper, marketplace, classified and legal advertising; the pet and animal features; and all community links. There will be no charge and registration is not required.

Free limited access, which requires registration, allows participation in the blogs and forums, and allows for pet of the week and community calendar submissions.

Full hardcopy and online subscriptions cost $57.99 locally, $77 in-state but outside San Miguel and Mora counties, and $105 for out-of-state. Online-only subscriptions are $57.99 no matter where the subscriber lives.