Opinions on the water situation

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My opinion on the water situation follows:

• I would be more willing to pay the higher rates if the money only went to repair and maintain the water and sewer system. No parks, vehicles, extra employees, etc., just the water and sewer system. Don’t consider this a “slush” fund. There should be a date given when rates will be reduced, just in case someone forgets.

• I would like to see the city run effluent lines to each water tap, even meter the effluent tap if necessary, so yards can be watered and people don’t have to spend all day in line and hauling water.

• The town would be more desirable to attract businesses and residents if we had water. I do realize there are those who would prefer there be no new businesses or residents and they will get their way if things remain as they are. A larger tax base will cut the increased expense for everyone.

• I do resent previous administrations, the last 100-plus years, who have put off maintenance thinking when it got really bad, they would get “free” money from the government to fix it. There are “no free lunches.” The same taxpayers who pay for the “free lunches” are going to pay for the repairs to the dams, water lines and sewer lines.

• The trees should be removed from the river bed as they take a lot of the water.

• The watershed should be thinned and maintained to prevent fires that will not only destroy our water supply but take our water to fight. The wood could be sold to help offset expenses.

I hope there are others who agree and these things can be implemented.

Carolyn Hacker
Las Vegas