An open letter to Congress

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Honorable Members of the Congress of the United States of America: As a citizen who is concerned about how Congress is making decisions, I have serious questions as to whether you are adhering to your oath of office.

You affirmed that you would vote to uphold the Constitution — in other words, all Americans — not just your party. The word “congress” means discussion and action together. I was taught that the U.S. Congress personifies respect for the legislative process, as well as for other lawmakers and for their constituents. All of us depend upon your patriotic cooperation.

The fact is, ”We, The People” have paid for our Social Security and Medicare with our paychecks over decades of hard work. This money that you call “entitlements” is not yours to spend on the national debt or on anything else. It belongs to us. If you decide to take some of it away to spend it, please call it honestly a tax on income that has been taxed and re-taxed and re-taxed.

You, on the other hand, are getting many perks besides your salary. They are not guaranteed by the Constitution. They are entitlements. I think that entitlements, such as these, should be co-opted to help pay down the debt. I am suggesting that members of Congress should at least share the patriotism of less-represented people and offer up the monetary equivalence of their entitlements for debt payment. In addition, I believe that the special laws and benefits that Congress enjoys should be rescinded. If Congress-people had to live as “We, The People” live, they would vote with much more concern about issues regarding healthcare, retirement, and the future.

Please understand, “We, The People” take citizenship seriously. We also are patriots. We are willing to do our fair share, so long as all American people are also asked to do their shares. Our leaders should lead us in the debt-payment endeavor. I must admit that I feel that the members of Congress from my district have been responsive to me; thus I must exclude them from my censure.
We are blessed with a nation that has always been made up of people from all over the world. That is what makes us unique. Every other country has its own culture. We continually weave the strands of our culture together from the strengths of other peoples. That is the secret of our power. You have our support. We need your leadership now. We can do all of this together. We cannot do it separately. You are in my prayers daily.

Cecile Zeigler
Las Vega