Open up gyms for our youth

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For some time now we’ve heard there is nothing for the kids to do here. I would like to suggest that instead of ten-month contracts for coaches, we extend them to twelve-month contracts and that at each school we open up the gyms. The gymnasiums have all the equipment, and with the supervision of the adults, i.e., the coaches and community volunteers who have had background checks, I feel we can utilize facilities our community already has in existence during the summer months for the benefit of our youth. 

I realize there will be many people that will come up with all kinds of naysaying, but if given the opportunity, I feel the young people would be more than grateful for the opportunity to enjoy not only the athletics but the company of their peers in a safe, clean environment that is conducive to good moral and character building and camaraderie. It would also allow the coaching staff to monitor the athletic abilities of these young men and women for the upcoming school year and show them the value of continual physical training in their skill area.

I feel that this is something that is desperately needed in our community to help bring us together; to help build our future leaders; and to show our young people that we truly believe in them.

Frank J. Casey

Las Vegas