Only one DWI arrest over New Year’s

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By David Giuliani

A DWI saturation patrol on New Year’s Eve yielded one drunken driver, an official says. A checkpoint two days later didn’t result in any DWI arrests.

The state police enhanced its anti-DWI efforts last week as it usually does during the New Year’s holiday.

“Several years ago on New Year’s Eve, we would have people lining up down the hallway to be booked. It’s quite a change,” state police Lt. Craig Martin said. “For years, people have been told it’s not OK to drink and drive. Now, on New Year’s Eve, people know we’ll be looking for them.”

The checkpoint on Friday was on Mills Avenue, next to the DWI memorial at Robertson High School. The effort resulted in five arrests — three on warrants and two for driving with revoked licenses, but none for DWI, Martin said. State police also issued around 50 citations for various offenses, he said.