One bench at a time

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A small thing, perhaps, but to my mind deserving of major-league kudos. I speak of Community First Bank which, during its renovation of the Murphey’s  Drugs building, had the wholesome good-heartedness to include benches along the two outside walls of their new offices.

Given the paucity of places in our town for pedestrians to rest tired feet, for the elderly and/or infirm to take a breather or just for folk to set a while and perhaps engage a fellow traveler  (the charming courtyard at Semilla Natural Foods, the Highlands campus and the plaza in old town come to mind), it is really refreshing for Community First to have done this.

As a boy growing up in 1940s small towns in Arkansas and Oklahoma; I recall there was many such an oasis and they were well used.  In the faster-paced world of today, that seems to have been lost to us.

Like I say, a small thing but perhaps we can, after all, save something from the past: one bench at a time. Thanks, Community First Bank.

David Martin
Las Vegas