Officials say no to truck rules

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By David Giuliani

The state Environment Department apparently wants counties to address the issue of idling trucks.

San Miguel County’s response: No thanks.

The County Commission was told last week that the county was asked to develop regulations and guidance for electrification equipment at truck stops, so trucks don’t have to idle for long periods, which is believed to contribute to global warming.

But county officials feared that it would be burdensome for the county to have to enforce rules against the operators of idling trucks.

Alex Tafoya, the county’s planning and zoning supervisor, said the state is suggesting that communities ban the idling of trucks, even when loading and unloading. But he said that responsibility was best left to the state police and the state Department of Transportation, which already enforce trucking rules.

“We would have to have someone to go out there and enforce these rules,” he said.

Commission Chairman David Salazar agreed that the state’s recommended rules would be burdensome.

“You would need a bunch of personnel to do this. It’s totally ridiculous,” he said.

County Attorney Jesus Lopez said his first reaction was to deposit the state’s model ordinance in “File 13,” saying it’s probably the result of a turf war in Santa Fe.

The commission voted unanimously on a resolution rejecting the state’s request.