Officials laud East's budget

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By Don Pace

Gabe Lucero, a Las Vegas City Schools board member, said he’s been hearing good things about the district’s budget outlook.

Lucero said he was recently briefed by Business Manager Myrna Garcia.

“I visited with Myrna on Friday, and all of you know Myrna, and how excited she gets when talking about money and numbers. She was really excited about where we were with the budget at the end of the fiscal  year.”

Superintendent Romero told Lucero that the district is finally where it should be in getting its budget up-to-date.

“We are up-to-date with our quarterly reports, which we haven’t been since I don’t know when. We have our audits up-to-date, I mean this is probably the first time in several years that we are finally where we should be, as far as having our budget up-to-date and ready to go,” Romero said.  

Romero said the staff has worked “furiously” to get the district’s finances in order.

In other business, the board was given an update on where students were going when they left City Schools’ jurisdiction. During an earlier meeting, board members had asked the administration to look into where students were headed after finding out enrollment was down by 127 students.

Associate Superintendent LeeEtte Quintana pointed out a document that showed, by school, where the students had gone.

“A good portion have moved out of town. As Mr. (Ramon) Montaño suggested at the last meeting, it is probably due to the economic condition of our community,” Quintana said.

Quintana said contrary to what people may think, there has been a pretty much equal movement of students between school districts.

“We lost 46 students to West Las Vegas, and about 38 students from West enrolled at Las Vegas City Schools,” Quintana said. “That’s typical, we have always had a certain amount of transition between districts, but we have never really tracked it. Those are approximate numbers, because we have not been able to get ahold of some students, and we do not know where they are at.”