Official: Body was a coyote's

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By Lee Einer

Several weeks ago, officials announced that the body of a skinned and mutilated dog was found behind the Vital Arts building on Grand Avenue, but it now appears the body was not that of a dog.

Pam Sandoval, a detective for the Las Vegas Police Department, said the report from the state’s forensic veterinarian is back and that the animal was a coyote.

Sandoval also said the skinning of the animal was done by a professional trapper.

“There is not somebody out there mutilating dogs,” Sandoval said, “and the public’s mind should be eased.”

The body was originally determined to be that of a German shepherd or German shepherd mix based on an examination of the remains by a local veterinarian.

Sandoval said the manner of the disposal of the carcass was still illegal, and the case remains under investigation.

The body had been found in a rollout garbage can, wrapped in clear plastic. Its jaw was broken, and its achilles tendon had been severed so that it could not run. Its ears, tails and genitals had been cut off. And it had been skinned meticulously.

The attorney general’s office was one of the agencies looking into the matter.