Official alleges resident threatened him

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By David Giuliani

Las Vegas City Schools board President Ramon “Swoops” Montaño said he called police after he was threatened by resident Frank Casey during a recess at last week’s board meeting.

Casey, a Las Vegas resident, denied the allegations.

A large crowd who had gathered to express their feelings on a tax increase began to file out of the board’s chambers after a public input session when Casey allegedly approached Montaño using a string of expletives.

“Casey walked up to me and got in my face and called me a (expletive) idiot. I said, ‘Frank, let’s not do this here. Please, people are already upset as it is.’ As he walked to the stairway, he continued with a barrage of expletives. He then turned and walked back to me and said, ‘I’m going to take you out, Swoops — you better watch it, I’m going to take you out,’” Montaño said.

Montaño said he asked Casey if he was making a threat.
“When he heard me calling 911, he came back up to me and said, ‘I’m also going to run against you for school board. I’m not only going to beat you, I’m going to take you out of your school board position,” Montaño said.

Montaño said he told Casey his behavior was improper and asked him to leave school grounds.

Casey had apparently already left the administration building as three patrol cars arrived on the scene.      

Casey, the husband of former City Schools Associate Superintendent Barbara Casey, later said Montaño was blowing the encounter way out of proportion.

“I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. He actually thinks someone running against him is threatening? I can understand why if you’re that incompetent. I just asked him a question, and the question was very simple. I asked how you transfer money from one line item to the next — who authorizes that and how is it approved?” Casey said.

Casey said many of the budgetary problems that are surfacing were inherited. He accused the administration of former Superintendent Pete Campos of not having any checks and balances.

“However, the (current) board and superintendent didn’t know this was going on. It’s astonishing. But I think Swoops got completely out of control there. He must have a vivid imagination or something. He knew very well that I was talking about running against him or finding someone else to run,” Casey said. “He’s been watching too many police movies. I find it humorous, if not bizarre that anybody would interpret what I said to be threatening. I’m sure he blew it completely out of whack — and evidently that’s what happened because he called the police.”