Officer plans to run for mayor

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By David Giuliani

Las Vegas Mayor Alfonso Ortiz says he wants a younger, more energetic person to take his place when his term expires.

City police Officer Dennis Nelson, 41, thinks he’s that person.

Last week, Nelson, a city officer for the last couple of years, revealed that he would be running for the city’s top job in 2012. He is the first to announce his intention to run for mayor; Ortiz said a few weeks ago that he would serve just one term.

Nelson came to Las Vegas in 2007 to open the local Alco store, but when the company asked him to move to another town, he chose to stay in the Meadow City. He ran businesses for nearly two decades.

“This is now my home,” he said. “I want to help improve Las Vegas.”

He said the city does a good job providing temporary fixes for problems, but not long-term solutions.

Earlier this year, Police Chief Gary Gold singled out Nelson as an officer who issued an enormous number of traffic tickets. Nelson, who used to live in Pennsylvania, is also active in the police officers union.

Nelson said he would leave the Police Department if elected mayor.