Obama should curtail expenses

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In the Thumbs section of the 29 March edition of the Optic comment was made about the possible loss of funding for the Mora-Colfax Head Start program. Rather than demonizing “our elected officials,” I suggest each voter attempt to write and contact President Obama and Vice President Biden to curtail just a portion of their vacation and travel expenses.

Biden recently spent close to $500,000 on just one hotel in Paris. Obama and/or his wife make regular and very expensive vacation trips that are over the top. Certainly with so many struggling just to get by, their uncaring expenses could be reduced.

If we think that is too much of a sacrifice we could eliminate expenses like the recent $400,000 plus expenditure to study the use of condums. Additionally, studies that I have read indicate that the Head Start program has really not been a success. Studies seem to indicate that the program is basically a government funded baby sitting program.

If we need to provide or subsidize a child care program it can be done with much less expense than what is being spent on the Head Start program.

W.P. Brown