Obama gets youth vote

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By Don Pace

Even before Michelle Obama campaigned for her husband in Las Vegas on Tuesday, a mock election among elementary and middle school students racked up a big win for the Democratic candidate.

Gloria Ortega-Romero, who is organizing the elections, said every presidential election she, along with the secretary of state’s office, are involved in includes educating kids on the election process in the United States. County Clerk Paul Maez delivers the voting machines to the schools.

“This is part of character education and citizenship in exercising your rights and responsibilities as a person makes choices in an election cycle and in life,” Ortega-Romero said.

Ortega-Romero said she tells the students that their vote is totally confidential and no one else has to know unless they themselves choose to tell others how they voted. During the presentation, she also asks the kids trivia questions about things like the state bird, state flower and the state flag.

John McCain and Barack Obama’s names were the only two candidates on the ballot for schoolchildren to choose from; no third-party candidates were included. West Las Vegas Middle School did not take part in the exercise, as it will conduct its own mock election this week and Memorial Middle School filled out paper ballots but no results were readily available.