Nuestra Historia: Index to Nuestra Historia, Part 2

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By Jesus L. Lopez

For the Optic

At the request of many readers, we provided last week and continue today, an index to Nuestra Historia, which will expedite a search for a particular topic or photograph from the 126 columns that have run to date.
Feb. 10, 2012, Lamy Ends Leadership of Hispanic Clergy/Padre Jose Manuel Gallegos
Feb. 17, 2012, The Handshake that Doomed Statehood/Stephen B. Elkins
Feb. 24, 2012, The Mean Season Begins for New Mexico/Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace and Gov. Edmund G. Ross
March 2, 2012, ‘It is very hard to teach Mexicans English well’/U.S. Senator Albert J. Beveridge
March 9, 2012, New Mexico by any Other Name – Arizona?/Secundino Romero
March 16, 2012, Three Who Made Statehood Happen/Holm O. Bursum and William H. “Bull” Andrews
March 23, 2012, Founders Met to Draft State’s Constitution/Charles A. Spiess and home
March 30, 2012, NM Constitution Enshrines Hispanic Rights/Don Solomon Luna and Don Eugenio Romero
April 6, 2012, Constitution Approved; First Election Set/Gov. William J. Mills
April 13, 2012, Democrats Swept on Eve of Statehood/Gov. William C. McDonald
April 20, 2012, Taft Makes it Official: Statehood !/President Taft and NM delegation
April 27, 2012, Gov. Ezequiel C de Baca of Las Vegas/Gov. C de Baca
May 4, 2012, Ezequiel C de Baca, La Voz & the Revolt/1912 La Voz del Pueblo building
May 11, 2012, Ezequiel C de Baca Fought to Protect Land Grant/pressmen at La Voz del Pueblo
May 18, 2012, Gov. Ezequiel C de Baca’s Last Days/Margarita C de Baca in New York to christen U.S.S. battleship New Mexico
May 25, 2012, The Stories of the Las Vegas Judgeship/old and new courthouses side by side in 1942
June 1, 2012, Kirby Benedict’s Inebriate Judgeship/Judge Kirby Benedict
June 8, 2012, Judge Leahy, Carl Magee and Sec Romero/Judge David J. Leahy
June 15, 2012, ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’/Don Secundino Romero
June 22, 2012, Armed Deputies Guard Carl Magee Trial/Sheriff Lorenzo Delgado
June 29, 2012, ‘Who is on Trial?’/Carl C. Magee
July 06, 2012, Fiestas!/MC Cipriano Aguilar and Mayor George Arellanes
July 13, 2012, Gov. Pardons Magee; Sec’s Kingdom Falls/Gov. James F. Hinkle
July 20, 2012, Leahy Unseated; Magee Charged with Murder/El Fidel Hotel
July 27, 2012, Judge Armijo Finds Magee Not Guilty/courtroom photo of Magee trial
Aug. 3, 2012, The Aftermath of the Magee Saga/Leahy and Magee grave markers
Aug. 10, 2012, El Juez Armijo/Judge Luis E. Armijo
Aug. 17, 2012, The Judgeship Since 1965/Judge Matias A. Zamora
Aug. 24, 2012, A Tale of Two Cities/early 1900s Clement Block and Bridge Street
Aug. 31, 2012, ‘Going from one Country into Another’/Teddy Roosevelt in parade on Douglas and Sixth Street
Sept. 7, 2012, Failed Unity: 1882-1884/Clay & Bloom livery stable at 12th and National Avenue
Sept. 14, 2012, New Town Glittered with Tamme Opera House/Charles A. Tamme
Sept. 21, 2012, Old Town Remained Firmly Rooted/south Old Town Plaza in 1876-77
Sept. 28, 2012, Land Grant Prompted Town of Las Vegas in 1903/Don Margarito Romero mansion on West National Avenue
Oct. 5, 2012, Early Schools Prospered in East Las Vegas/montage of Las Vegas Academy, Douglas, Castle and Las Vegas High schools
Oct. 12, 2012, West Rooted in Early Catholic Schools/Christian Brothers School in 1904
Oct. 19, 2012, West Began with North & South Public Schools/first North and South Public schools in early 1900s
Oct. 26, 2012, Town High Closed: The Dixon Case/View of Old Town Plaza and West National before 1879
Nov. 2, 2012, East Las Vegas Claimed Highlands/Springer Hall and Ilfeld Auditorium side by side in 1931
Nov. 9, 2012, Jones, Twitchell Part of East’s Prominence/U.S. Sen. Andrieus A. Jones and Ralph Emerson Twitchell
Nov. 16, 2012, The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men . . . ./dinkey engine and dump cars during construction of Storrie Lake
Nov. 23, 2012, . . . Sometimes Go Awry: Raynolds, Long and Storrie/Jefferson Raynolds and Elisha V. Long
Nov. 30, 2012, The Dream Vanished in Frost, Hail and Drought/Storrie Project’s George W. Gifford
Dec. 7, 2012, Kistler’s Optic Spurred Racial Divide/sketch or photo of early Optic building
Dec. 14, 2012, Kistler was Ubiquitous Provocateur/Optic pressroom, 1913
Dec. 21, 2012, Optic Kindled Outlaw Lore/outlaw J. J. Webb in Las Vegas jail
Dec. 28, 2012, Kistler Sold Optic, Faded into Obscurity/1910 winter scene at Sixth and University
Jan. 4, 2013, Nuestra Historia Begins Third Year/1965 winter scene of Montezuma Castle
Jan. 11, 2013, This Column’s Highlights of 2012/Gallinas River flooding at Bridge Street in 1904
Jan. 18, 2013, A Tale of Two Cities, Thus Far/1902 photo of Exchange Hotel and Buffalo Hall
Jan. 25, 2013, The Gazette and other Early Newspapers/panoramic view of Gazette offices at Moreno and South Pacific
Feb. 1, 2013, La Voz del Pueblo and Felix Martinez/Felix Martinez
Feb. 8, 2013, La Voz and the Three Amigos/Felix Martinez, Ezequiel C de Baca and Antonio Lucero
Feb. 15, 2013, La Voz Embraced Gorras Blancas Crusade/Juan Jose, Pablo and Nicanor Herrera
Feb. 22, 2013, Felix, La Voz, Las Gorras and Don Lorenzo/Jose Albino Baca mansion.
March 1, 2013, El Partido Wins; Pablo Herrera has Tragic Fate/Don Lorenzo Lopez and Billy Green
March 8, 2013, Martinez and Veeder: Fathers of NMHU/Elmer Veeder riding carriage around Old Town Plaza
March 15, 2013, Martinez and Veeder Outfoxed HU Opponents/John DeWitt Veeder
March 22, 2012, The Two Hour Break that Saved Highlands/Springer Hall, before and after 1922 fire
March 29, 2013, Why Highlands Sits East of the Gallinas/Casa de Ramona
April 5, 2013, Conclusion of La Voz; Photo Acknowledgements/early photo of Old Town Plaza
April 12, 2013, La Revista Catolica; El Independiente/1917 Fourth of July parade at Sixth and Douglas
April 19, 2013, Tiny Martinez’ Revista Norteña/Donaldo A. “Tiny” Martinez in 1954
April 26, 2013, Junio Lopez and the Alpha News/Junio Lopez in early 1970s
May 3, 2013, . . . back to the Optic, since Kistler/Russell A. Kistler
May 10, 2013, Optic was mum during Magee spectacle/Elks Lodge
May 17, 2013, Optic has seen ten owners since 1879/Optic building, late 1800s
May 24, 2013, Beck Family Published Optic 35 Years/Robert, Lois and Stuart Beck
May 31, 2013, Remarkable Women of Las Vegas/photos of the nine women

Jesus L. Lopez is a native of Las Vegas and a local historian. He may be reached at 425-3730.