Now is the time for bold action

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The East Board made a courageous choice in their action to hire none of the finalists for the vacant superintendent’s position.

Isn’t now the perfect time to reconsider a consolidation of the two Las Vegas school districts?

Isn’t now the moment, when teacher cuts in both districts are imminent?

Isn’t now the opportune time, when our “community united” may make the boldest choice and take the action that would benefit the most children?

Isn’t now the time for the city leadership, the boards of both districts, and we the citizens to unite?

Sons and daughters often teach us, so we may learn. As fathers, mothers and caretakers of our youth and their futures we must choose to act — and to act boldly and swiftly.

The Board’s decision is the good news. The bad news is that in the very next edition of the Optic, the acting superintendent of City Schools announced the recommendation to hire more principals, more administrators.  Of course that would be at the cost of firing teachers (two teachers fired for every one administrator hired).  

As an experienced teacher and administrator, I can assure your readers that we need more teachers and fewer self-serving administrators. The intelligent board recommendation and the unintelligent administration campaign are a clarion call for citizen action.

Thank you again for your attention to my opinion.

Charles Peterson
Las Vegas