Not winning election has its own merits

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By The Staff

The primary election is over and the people have spoken. I know that when you spend time and money on campaigning and then lose the election, it’s very discouraging. But in an election there really are no losers, because when you throw your hat in the ring you are really telling your community that you feel you can make a difference.

If you get one vote or 50, you will always know that you are not alone. Losing an election in no way makes you less of a person. Your education, personality and good traits, plus your desire to make a difference in your community are things nobody can change or take away from you.

We have all heard the saying “politics make strange bed fellows.” The fact that you lost the election does not mean that your opponent is necessarily better qualified or can do a better job. What happens sometimes is that your opponent has more family and friends and, usually (but not always), the party leaders are on his or her side. Also, more often than not, people seem to ignore education and talents and go with the flow.

Running for any position should be a win-win situation because success is a journey — never an end, success is a good day’s work well done, success is happiness. And even if you don’t attain that goal, that distant crest, you won’t have failed if you’ve kept faith and done your best each day.

Rosalie Regensberg

Mora County

Regensberg is a former Mora County commissioner.