Not just for seniors anymore

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By Don Pace

Britney Romero is the only junior in recent memory to be elected Robertson High School’s student body president.

The office is generally thought of as a senior domain, but teacher Joselle DeMarco encouraged her to run.

“She (DeMarco) said I lead in many ways during the course of the day; she said I’m always the first one to answer,” Romero said. 
Romero said once the campaign began, she worked hard, “and I won.”
Robertson High School Principal Eddie King said Britney Romero is a lively girl, very intelligent, sharp-witted and outspoken. 

“She is a strong and independent individual who, without a doubt, will stand up, step up, and speak up for justice and fairness,” King said.

Teacher Melissa Pacheco-Romero agreed.

“She represents the students well, and excels in the classroom. Britney comes up with wonderful ideas; she’s always willing to help out.”

Principal King said Romero ran a remarkable campaign for student body president.

“With her winsome smile and infectious laugh, Britney is every teacher’s dream. She’s a confident individual with powers of perseverance and leadership who has the potential to do anything she wants to do and become anything she wants to become,” King said.

Teacher Brenda Ortega-Benavidez said Britney is doing a great job, especially considering this is her first experience as the leader of an organization such as the student council.

“We had late elections this year, and at the encouragement of other teachers, Britney threw her name in at the last minute. She’s a darn good politician — she really worked hard at getting the freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior vote, and was able to pull off an overwhelming win. She’s proving herself to be a very good leader. She’s reliable, energetic, active and is doing everything right,” Ortega-Benavidez said.

Ortega-Benavidez agreed with others that it is unusual for a junior to be elected to the position.

“Normally this is a senior position, but they are getting used to it. We’ve had some great activities during east-west week, and all the students were working together under her leadership. She’s doing a great job,” Ortega-Benavidez said.    

But Romero says she is like most kids her age.  

“I’m very social. I’m always with my friends and my family, and who doesn’t love being around little kids? I love every minute I spend helping them out,” Romero said.

Romero said she has always loved school and tries to put her studies first.

“I love the academics of school life and usually get straight A’s, with the occasional B,” Romero said with a frown. “I have never really joined activities such as sports.”

Romero said she likes all subjects, but English is one of her favorites, as  she likes to write and edit papers. She also enjoys the woodworking class because she likes hands-on activities.

“I don’t mind getting my hands dirty as I see a project coming to life,” Romero said.

Romero said she wants to go to college and one day become a high school English teacher.  

Britney is the daughter of David and Shannon Romero. Her father is the pressman at the Las Vegas Optic.