No more anonymous comments

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By Tom McDonald

I have pulled the plug on the online comments at the end of our Optic stories and commentary.


Recently in a column I encouraged a tempering of the comments, and that worked only momentarily. I also explained to our readers how they could police the inappropriate comments themselves, but that didn't work either. Instead, several anonymous writers continue to lower the debate with cheap shots and disrespect—and that’s not what I want this newspaper to be about.


I am still dedicated to your First Amendment right to free speech. If you feel strongly about an issue, write a letter to the editor. We publish hundreds each year — along with the writer’s name, of course.


We plan to upgrade our website this summer and will consider a new approach to online comments at that time.


If you have questions, concerns or wish to talk with me about my decision, you may reach me at tmcdonald@lasvegasoptic.com or 505-425-6796.


— Tom McDonald

Editor and Publisher

Las Vegas Optic

Las Vegas, New Mexico