NMHU’s Original Music Concert tonight at Ilfeld

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By Margaret McKinney
Highlands University

The New Mexico Highlands University Music Technology Program presents an Original Music Concert at 7 p.m. tonight (Friday) in  Ilfeld Auditorium, 900 University Ave.

Students will showcase their original music in a wide variety of styles, including alternative, dubstep, hip-hop, rock, metal and more.  

Department of Music professor Edward Harrington directs the Music Technology Program.

“This concert provides performance opportunities for our music technology students, with lots of singing, playing and great music,” Harrington said. “The young men and women study songwriting, composition, orchestration, and digital audio editing in our music lab and recording studios. Using the latest industry-standard computer software and hardware, they record and produce excellent musical works.”

At the Original Music Concert, many students will showcase the recordings they produced using Pro Tools — professional software for audio recording and music creation. Others students prefer to perform their own music live, playing guitars, synthesizers, drums, and more.

“Some students work very well alone on their projects, but many collaborate as well. The atmosphere in the recording studios is very friendly, and everyone is eager and willing to help with production tips and singing or playing their instrument on other’s projects,” Harrington said.  

He gave the example of Rock Ulibarri, a music work-study assistant in the studio, who helps other students with microphones and recording techniques.

Music students presenting their original music at the concert include:

• Amor Romero - “Altitude” (studio recording)
• Michael Rascon -  “Inside of My Heart” (live performance with Quintin Leger) and “Pick Yourself Up”  (live performance)
• Michael Redhorse - “Uplifting” (studio recording) and “Near” (studio recording)
• Kori Smith - “I’m So High” (studio recording)
• Quintin Leger - “Annihilation”  (studio recording)
• Brian Concklin - Untitled  (studio recording)
• Rock Ulibarri - “Doublecrosser”  (studio recording)
• Anthony Sanchez - “Out of Reach” (studio recording)
• Jonathan Chavez - “Polka Sabrosito” (studio recording)
• Robert Hedgepeth - “Trist Tram Jam” (studio recording)
• Adrian McDuff - “Midnight Blues” (studio recording)
• Daniel Sam - Untitled (live performance with Daniel Torres, Michael Rascon, and James Cisneros)

All tickets are $5. Highlands University students with valid IDs are free.