Native’s video gets attention

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Piece promotes ‘hidden benefits’ of shopping locally

Jim Terr loves Las Vegas and what makes Las Vegas unique:  our local independent merchants.  

He produced a video, “Mama Don’t Send Me to the Big-Box Store,” which is receiving lots of notice: more than 5,900 references on Google, when you enter the title in quotes.

“My intention with the song and video is to raise awareness of the ‘hidden benefits’  that make it worthwhile to shop locally, even if you spend a few cents more...,” Terr said. “I hope to sell this song for use in other localities, but meantime I think it shows and ‘advertises’ Las Vegas well.”

Terr attended Robertson High School and Northwestern University. He lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco before returning to New Mexico, including Las Vegas and Santa Fe.  

His career was in music production. He wrote, produced or published songs recorded by Slim Pickens, Steve Young, Junior Brown, Hank Williams Jr., Crystal Gayle and others. His national jingles include ones for “Snapple” and the long-running New Mexico jingle, “Toss No Mas.”  

Terr has produced more than 300 videos now on YouTube, with more than half a million views. Many of them are short videos for businesses, using comedy or an unusual angle to help publicize the business.   

He has another song, “The Real Las Vegas,” and is hoping to make a video of it that will further promote Las Vegas.  

Since moving back to Las Vegas, Terr put his love for his hometown into video form.  
He went into action after meeting with Tito Chavez, president of Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance, and Cindy Collins, executive director of MainStreet de Las Vegas, who talked about the need to promote independent businesses both downtown and throughout Las Vegas.   

Armed with his video camera, Terr met with many local business owners, including  Eloy Aragon of Plaza Drugs, Dennis Lujan of Popular Dry Goods and Steve Leger of Love Music,  and came up with “Mama Don’t Send Me to the Big-Box Store.” He wrote and sang his own lyrics synchronized to images of the city’s independent businesses.

“It’s a wonderful and visual interpretation of why folks should keep their money where their house is,” Chavez said.  

“I am swamped with responses to the video and it has been posted on National Trust MainStreet facebook page as a suggestion to towns across America who want to convey a positive message of shopping locally and the fun of being a community,” Collins said.

Alana Baker of Gordon Jewelry Co., Inc., says, “It is amazing to me how changing just two little words in the song transformed it from a crazy idea to a great idea to generate awareness for shopping locally and shopping in Las Vegas.”

“When customers call into Plaza Drugs, I know their voices and what they need,” says Eloy Aragon of Plaza Drugs.  “That is service you can’t get from a big-box store.”

Terr raised funds to produce the video from BTU Building Supplies, Plaza Drugs, Tome on the Range, Semilla Natural Foods, Charlie’s Bakery & Cafe, Goodwin, Inc., Plaza Hotel and Gordon’s Jewelry.

To see the video, go to www.youtube.com and type in “Mama Don’t Send Me to the Big-Box Store.”