Music for the soul

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By Naomi Gonzales

If you happen to be a music fanatic like I am,  you probably have noticed that there are many different genres of music, ranging from soul and blues to the darkest and heaviest heavy metal. I like many different kinds of music but I draw the line at pop. (I have an exception for Pop because there are only a few singers that I like.)

I am a huge fan of rock. It can be the oldies but goodies or the new rock that is coming out. Every band that is out there sounds different and the music is real.

When I say that rock music is “real” I mean that the music isn’t the pop superficial type stuff. Musicians in rock band actually have something to say. Unlike some of these “pop stars” that sing about being oh so hot and about how every single boy wants them.

Rock music is real because they talk about issues that are happening to people. It could be about finding the spiritual side of you, as bands like Flyleaf and Under Oath sing about. The bands are different from each other only by that Flyleaf is not as heavy as Under Oath. Under Oath on the other hand is one of the most heavy christian bands I have ever heard. (Well,  Under Oath and The Devil Wears Prada).

These bands send good messages like that we should be good to each other and that it’s good to have spiritual belief. By the sound of them I would have never thought that they would be christian bands. They are really heavy.

Unlike Christian rock there is the dark heavy metal. Which I also like to listen to. These guys really do have something to say. There music may be really heavy but if you listen to the words (or if you can’t understand them look them up), they talk about some important things. Like the band All That Remains. They are really heavy but  the lyrics in their music are amazing. They talk about never giving up and that there is more to life and that things will get better.

I have a lot of respect for the women in rock music. They are amazingly good singers (some screamers) and they don’t dress all trashy. I find that these women have respect for themselves and they don’t have to get on staged dressed in a bra and underwear to get attention. Singers like Evanescence’s Amy Lee and Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia are just some of the women I have respect for. They are amazingly talented and are part of some of my favorite bands. These women write music about being strong women and that it isn’t right to be pushed around by men. Some of the music of both of these bands is about some of the things that have happened in their lives. Having songs about life itself makes it more relatable to the fans.

It's not just the bands that have women for singers which I respect. I also have a lot of respect for the bands Silverstein, Three Days Grace, Atreyu, Disturbed and Linkin Park. These bands have some of the catchiest melodies and the most powerful lyrics I have ever heard. There music is powerful because the lyrics can be related to any one of their fans and can actually help out people.

There are many people that could be having a hard time with life in general and they could just pop one of these cds into the stereo and feel like they're not the only person that is going through what they are going through.

Music is a part of life. There is music to listen to for the good days. There is even music to listen for the bad days. Music shouldn’t be about how they are or about how many girls they can get. It should be real and should have meaning to it.

Naomi Gonzales  is an Optic intern and a Robertson High School senior. She can be reached at naomig717@msn.com