Much worse than what Mathis did

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I can name many a former judge, elected officials, city and county administrators, school teachers, board members, school administrators, former DA’s, several police officers, county jail guards and school coaches who have done far worse than Judge Mathis. The only difference is Judge Mathis didn’t cry, hire attorneys or engage in any cover-up, nor did he try to use political influence to wittle out of “Se porto como un hombre. Y se las trago.”

At the same time I have no respect whatsoever for the new Mexico State Supreme Court, their disciplinary board and their so-called Judicial Standards Commission. Everything they do is based on demographics, which disfavors equal protection under the law. They should be more worried about public defenders who are on plea-bargain mode in our judicial district. They should be more worried about the use of mentally ill individuals as state witnesses and informants. They should be more worried about the defendants who only spend 15 minutes with their lawyers before a hearing. And what about those who are still in jail because of the outrageous cash bonds they can’t meet. If we are to investigate and target people, I wish to submit my list.

Our community will move on. I just don’t believe our local judicial system. Bueno, let’s sit back and await the next one — scandal, of course.

Lorenzo Flores
Las Vegas