Mourning the loss of Benito Lemos

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I am the mother of Benito Ramon Lemos. My son’s life was taken two years ago by a man who came home from Iraq, Richard Baca. ... He decided to drive around Las Vegas with a loaded gun strapped on his waist. My son was the unlucky one who ran in to Baca.

Despite what happened, he took my son’s life. He didn’t have a chance, he was dead on arrival at Alta Vista Regional Hospital.

So many times our family has been told you need to let Benito go and rest, but it’s so hard to let him go. I often stay at home sitting on the couch waiting for my son Benito to walk through the front door, with a big smile on his face. It’s hard to let my son go. We mothers are the first to hear our child’s heartbeat and carry our child nine months. How do you let someone so special go?

Benito will always live in my heart. He might be gone but he will not be forgotten. A special thanks to Tom Clayton who did an outstanding job on my son’s case, the DA’s office, officers and detectives.A special thanks to the Lovato family, Rick Martinez, Hank Segura and Leroy Tafoya. Love your children; life is so precious, because yesterday is gone, today is here and tomorrow is never promised.

We love you, Benito Ramon Lemos.

Lucy Lemos
Las Vegas