Mora must pay more than Taos

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By David Giuliani

Taos County gets a better rate than Mora County for housing its inmates in the San Miguel County jail.

That’s something a top Mora County official would like to change.

This week, the San Miguel County Commission approved extensions of agreements with both Mora and Taos counties.

Mora must pay $65 a day to house an inmate, while Taos gets a better rate at $50 a day. Both must pay a onetime $20 booking fee for each inmate.

Mora sends only a handful of inmates each month to the local jail, while Taos sends dozens.

“Our largest contract is with Taos County,” the jail’s warden, Patrick Snedeker, said. “It’s a negotiated fee. The detention center is always dependent on revenues that come from other sources.”

Mora County Manager Miguel Martinez said he wasn’t aware that Taos County had a better rate. He said he was advised by his county attorney that Mora County’s fee was comparable to others.

He said seeking a lower rate will be on his county’s priority list.