Mora County Notebook: Utah work camp does repairs at Mora church

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By Ruth Fort

Last week there was a lot of activity around the Mora Presbyterian Church as a group of six adults gave their time and skills to do some repairs on the grounds, church and manse as they worked with some of the local church members.


The group is the mission group from the Community Church in Cedar City, Utah. When the mission committee in its church met to decide where they could go to do some work to help a smaller church the chairman, Jan Ackart, of the mission committee of their church said that a member, Amarente Vasquez, who has roots in Mora Valley, suggested that they come to beautiful Mora.

So it was decided to come to Mora Presbyterian Church since they had been asking for a work camp to come join them in doing some badly needed repair.

Six adults left their own work and homes to come to Mora.

There was a happy week of working together and sharing meals and fellowship. They put a new roof on the fellowship hall with the local men of the church and a cousin to Vasquez, who is a roofer.

They spruced up the grounds, sanded, scrapped and painted an entrance door, made a new church sign and a new sign to designate the parking area. They cleaned and repaired the vigas and installed new vigas with an added portal in the back entrance to the church. A trench was dug to repair electrical wiring that had been broken during other digging.

They repaired the plumbing in one of the bathrooms.

The local church women prepared their lunches and joined in the fellowship of eating together, and sharing stories.

On Wednesday night the congregation had a potluck dinner and a fun time sharing history of the churches and community and much laughter and fun.

The group left on Thursday afternoon to visit interesting places in the area. They then drove back to their home church in Cedar City, Utah. They would share their experiences with their congregation and start planning for a trip next year.

Judge wins award
Mora’s magistrate court judge John L. Sanchez attended a three-day training session in Albuquerque last week.

During the training he participated with other New Mexico small court judges in handling small claims effectively. The course covered several court matters from civil, landlord/tenant, self-represented litigations, and review of New Mexico statutes. The primary goal of small claims process is to provide the plaintiff and the defendant with the decision based on finding of fact and application of the law to those facts.

Sanchez came home with another certificate award from the National Judicial College.

He said, ”The staff of presenters who taught the course is very versed in the law.”

He added that the education he received pertaining to the courts has been tremendous.

“Representing Mora Magistrate among other New Mexico Magistrate courts has been a great honor,” Sanchez said.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.