Mora County Notebook: Remembering ‘Lonesome Dave’

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By Ruth Fort

Gov. David F. Cargo will be greatly missed in our state of New Mexico. He has meant a lot to the people especially those in the small communities.

His influential and caring concern for the state went far beyond his time as governor. He continued to be involved in the government and the needs of the small communities. In Mora, he was much loved by the people.

He did so much for them and other small communities while he was governor and continued to show his concern afterwards.

He saw that the road to Guadalupita was paved and declared Coyote Creek a state park as he did what was necessary for that project

Just a few years ago he helped start the community library for Mora. Since it was his influence and help that started it the commissioners agreed to name it the David F. Cargo Public Library at the suggestion of the members of the board.

He was pleased and said, “I would rather have my name on a library in Mora than in the big buildings in Santa Fe.” He went to work and got books from many places and donated some of his own library along with his old law books. He helped raise funds by his influence at McCune Foundation or state library and even the Library of Congress.

Former senator Pete Domenici brought boxes of books from their supply. Cargo also brought him and his father to the library so that they could visit the librarians and local people.

Once he said of getting help from the state library, ”I’m going to lean on those girls.” He had a lot of respect for them and others who influenced education. His sense of humor was refreshing.

When there was a celebration at the library he was always there and enjoyed the company of the local people. When he could he would enjoy time at the Senior Citizens Center to visit with the seniors. They were always happy to see him and reminisce about the time he was governor.

The new building was built and his name is still on the front as well as a plaque honoring him at the front door. But, as a library there are the books and computers that are well used and books can be taken out with no librarian to check on them or have summer programs for the young people of the community. But people still use the facility and Luna Community College is responsible for it as they wanted the building for classes and an office for the Mora site. So the David F. Cargo’s building is still well used. The people of Mora will always remember him and his concern and interest in their welfare.

Mora Fiesta coming soon

It’s fiesta time. It’s time to get prepared. The fiesta  will be held the last weekend in July on the 27th and 28th. The usual Saturday morning parade will be lining up at Helping Hands Inc. and proceed to the old Fred’s Lumber Building.

This year’s theme is “Fiesta Time.” People who are entering the parade should contact Yolanda Medina at 575-387-5924 or Rosalie Trujillo at 575-387-5705.

For general information call Joanne Padilla Salas at 575-387-2448 or Yolanda Medina at 575-387-5926.

The entertainment will begin right after the parade ends. It will take place behind the court house.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.