Mora County Notebook: Pacheco elected state director of association

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By Ruth Fort

Alegra Pacheco, daughter of Paul and Judy Pacheco and granddaughter of Manuel and Genevieve Alcon and the late Fermin and Mary Pacheco has been elected the National Propane Gas Association state director.

Her skill as a people person and ability to speak with people about the propane industry has helped the propane industry throughout the state. She was elected about the time the propane industry was fighting impending regulations from the state Public Regulation Commission. At that time the commission was considering regulating the price of propane and imposing a moratorium on companies’ ability to collect money from delinquent customers who could not pay.

During this time Pacheco met with various individuals in the commission and legislatures to discuss the propane business. She said that the propane business is not a monopoly.

She also testified at their public meetings, stating that the propane business should not be treated like a utility. Alegra said that they were making them out to be the bad guys who made the low-income people run out of propane and ”you don’t care about babies freezing.”

At one meeting, she showed them how many people were given credit for their propane and some were even given money out of her own business account.

Alegra said, ”We are only trying to make a living like everyone else.”

She added, ”I am the face of propane. I am a normal person, a single mother, going to work every day. I am passionate about protecting small businesses like my own.”

By her skill as a communicator and great personality she has helped the propane business in New Mexico.

Alegra has been working in propane since she was 12 years old. She used to use her good penmanship to help her family write out tank rental invoices. This experience and her interest in the propane business have made it possible for her to speak to the leaders of government and the propane business.

She communicates well with her various employees as well.

She is excited and eager to be in this business. She is the COO of Pecos Propane in Pecos, owned by her and her father and mother.

She said, “It is a challenge for me as I am a woman, I am a minority and I am young.”

She has taken that challenge in stride. She comes from a long line of Pacheco Propane people.

Her grandfather Fermin Pacheco started the propane business in Mora in 1965, and that business is still in the family. Her uncle, Jacobo and aunt Valarie and two sons, David and Daniel are running that business now.

Alegra’s father and mother, Paul and Judy Pacheco, had a propane business in Peñasco before selling it in 1994.

Later Alegra and her parents came back into the business and started Pecos Propane in 2004.

During their absence from their business, Alegra graduated with a bachelor’s degree in general business and Spanish at New Mexico State University, further building up her communication skills.

She worked in college admissions and even earned her license in cosmetology.

Pecos Propane sells propane in Pecos, Santa Fe and Las Vegas.

Allegra’s daughter, Aaliyah, helps with the administrative duties during the summer. 

Alegra hopes that she will someday follow in her mother’s foot steps.

Garcia competes in Spelling Bee

Maria Garcia, daughter of Victor Garcia and Sandra Cruz traveled to Albuquerque earlier this month to compete in the State Spanish Spelling Bee.

She was the top speller in the district Spanish spelling bee.

Maria was competing with 42 other contestants from all over New Mexico at the state meet. She held her own and stayed up until the sixth round. She went down on a semi-professional word pantagrue/lico. There were only two more rounds after that.

She did very well and we can be very proud of her achievement.

Maria is an eighth grader at the Lazaro Garcia Middle School in Mora. Her Spanish teacher and coach is Rita Sanchez. Sanchez says Maria is a hard worker who is committed to doing her best.

Maria says that she likes Spanish and wants to learn more. When she goes to Mora High school next year she will be taking the requirement of Spanish 1 and she wants to take the elective Spanish 2.

She hopes to go the University of New Mexico when she graduates.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may be reached at 575-387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.