Mora County Notebook: Mora High celebrates homecoming

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By Ruth Fort

Last Thursday was a happy day for the town and the students of Mora High School. After the week of preparation for the big day it finally arrived with beautiful weather and a community’s backing.


The students had their pep rally and talent show.  

There were a lot of floats and the students used a lot of imagination and skill as they decorated their floats. The parade was outstanding with the many floats and the band playing as well. The streets of Mora were lined with people of the community to watch and cheer the students and team, showing their support of their school. There were floats from different groups including the candidates for the royal court. The floats for the high school classes were the only ones judged.

The winners were: first place — juniors, second place — freshmen, third place — sophomores and fourth place — seniors.

The Rangers did their part to make the home coming game a success by winning the game with a score 63 over Santa Fe Prep’s 36.

At the end of the game the Homecoming Queen and King were crowned with the royal treatment. They are: Queen Laura Hurtado and King Daniel Gallegos.

The court which accompanied them is: Princess — Lorene Enriquez, Prince — Jeremy Medina, Dutchess — Angelica Aragon, Duke —Amrick Vasquez, Countess — Analisa Chavez and Count — Santiago Griego.

The day ended with happy, excited, tired young people and parents and staff who had worked hard to make this event a success.  

Chamber holds annual meeting
Last Thursday, the Mora Valley Chamber of Commerce held their annual meeting to elect officers and directors for the 2012 year. There were 25 members and guests present. They also reviewed plans and activities for the coming year.

The officers for the year of 2012 are: President — Merl Witt, Vice President — Joseph Weathers, Treasurer — Rich Lau and Secretary — Roger Gonzales. The directors are Paul Fort, Rhonda Trambley, and Sue Strebe. The members present acknowledged the contributions to the chamber of the outgoing Vice President Judy Finley, and outgoing directors, Duane Freeman and Lillian Maestas.

Planned activities for the coming year are: the Fourth Annual Clean-up Mora County Day scheduled for April 21; the annual chamber banquet scheduled for Friday April 27 at the VFW Post 1131 Hall and the Winter Fest scheduled for Dec. 8. The chamber will once again publish the “Mora Pages” in the Taos, Angel fire and Las Vegas newspapers’ summer visitors guide and publish in cooperation with La Jicarita Telephone Cooperative the 2013 Mora business directory.

In further business Mary Passgila and Ben Thomas of the Rocky Mountain Youth Conservation Corporation presented an overview of the summer 2012 project that the corp. is undertaking in Mora. They will hire eight young people for 10 weeks to restore the Cleveland Community Park. The Mora County Commission, the chamber and private individuals had earlier committed to contribute funds to match the Youth Conservation Corporation grant which made the project possible.

Additionally, Marie Fries –Sauter, Superintendent of Fort Union National Monument and Lorenzo Vigil, chief of interpretation at Fort Union, gave an overview of the events that will be taking place at Fort Union this summer. They also presented the group with some literature concerning the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War showing the part that Spanish Americans gave during the war.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may  be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.