Mora County Notebook - Mora’s talented workers

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By Ruth Fort

We have many talented workers in Mora who help keep the community going. Most of them are graduates of Mora High School.

We have plumbers, electricians, contractors, linemen and business men, and those who work behind the scenes doing thankless jobs for our community
One who aspires to be a contractor, plumber or electrician has to work in that area under a licensed contractor for several years before he can go through a rigorous test to qualify as a licensed contractor in building, plumbing and electrical work. Some go to school to learn a trade.

Building contractors have a hard job. They have to know how to plan, measure, read blueprints and put it all together to make a home or other structure. They have to know how to deal with the public, provide estimates and come up with a reasonable contract. They must also oversee workers to ensure the job is well done.

Before they can do all of this they have to pass the state licensing board test.

Linemen for the electric and telephone company also have to go through a long period of training to know just what to do with all of those wires, poles and transformers. When there is a problem they know just what to do to get power flowing to us.

The same goes for the telephone company. They all put their lives on the line when they have to work with the high powered electricity and climb high poles. When there is a problem it does not matter whether there is wind, snow or rain, they are called out to fix the problem and do so very efficiently.

The plumbers know how to put in new plumbing and heating or remodel what is already there. They are also called out to repair work outside or in hard places to work, in the heat, cold, snow, and wind. They often have to do dirty work digging up pipes and sewer lines.

We also have people who work in harsh weather and travel dangerous roads in their trucks to deliver fuel, groceries, gasoline and health supplies.

We also appreciate the school bus drivers who see that our children get to their destinations safely and postal carriers who deliver mail in all kinds of weather. Then there is the ambulance staff and drivers who are skilled in driving and caring for patients and are out in all kinds of weather and roads to help save lives. We salute these workers who make life easier for everyone.

We must not forget our road crews that keep our highways safe and passable. They are out there in all kinds of weather and at all hours of the day.

Along with them are our police officers. They go through strict training and put their lives on the line.

Then there are mechanics and owners of garages. The mysteries of the vehicle are no mystery to them as they work to fix whatever is wrong. They had to go to school and learn how to do all of this. They know how to use computers to diagnose problems then fix the problem.

Those who have stores and restaurants or other indoor work have to meet the public to please them and make sure they are satisfied with their product or service.

Then behind all of these people are those who do paperwork, know how to greet the public with a smile and answer questions. All of the modern technology is not a mystery to them as they use those machines with skill and efficiency.

This is not all of the story as these people have to deal with government regulations, business laws, changing codes, pay gross receipt taxes,  do payroll, keep strict records, keep their equipment and facility safe and up to date. They also have to be sure they have the proper insurances and tax forms.

Another thing that one can see is the fact that most of these people also do community service on committees and community organizations as firemen, and so forth. They try to help others and in some cases they give their services to help organizations or churches.

It takes everyone working together. We appreciate these hard working, ambitious, intelligent people in our midst who make life a lot easier for all of us. Mora has produced all kinds of intelligent skilled people in all walks of life. We can be proud of all of them.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may  be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.