Mora County Notebook: Community Health Services wins award

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By Ruth Fort

The Mora Valley Community Health Service’s medical clinic was recently recognized with a quality award from the New Mexico Primary Care Association for achieving the best outcomes for a small clinic (under 10,000 patients) in the area of diabetes control, blood pressure control, childhood immunizations, and PAP screening.

They also had the best overall blood pressure outcomes of all of the community health centers of New Mexico.

The two practitioners and the medical director said that they were very pleased to receive this recognition and consider it a community achievement, reflecting the fact that the majority of the staff is local as well as the volunteer Board of Directors. It is also a reflection of the motto of the MVCHS, “Les Deseamos Una Vida Buena y Sana” (“We wish you a good and healthy life”).

The two practitioners of the medical unit are Teresa Smith de Cherif, M.D. and Moriah Mahoney, N.P. and the  Medical Director and Interim Clinic Director, Debra Rivera are pleased with the recognition and give the staff and community and the board of directors credit for helping make it happen.

The staff of the MVCHS is currently converting from paper to electronic health records as part of a continuing effort to improve the quality of service for the Mora Valley Community. The hope is that putting into place an electronic record in the United States is to achieve better individual patient outcomes for the general population.
Smith de Cherif said,  “MVCHS implemented the EHR in November 2011 and I believe we have a good chance of decreasing the health care costs by avoiding duplications of lab work and imaging studies, a greater chance of tracking how we are doing as medical  practitioners, how patients are responding to treatment and how we can improve.”

“This will give a future of improved communication among our own staff, specialists we refer our patients to, and the hospitals, than we would with paper charts. The patient must realize the visits to the doctor will take longer initially as all of the pertinent data are entered into the new record, but it promises improved efficiency down the road.”

The staff asks that the patients be patient during this process as it is an exciting new development for Mora.

Mora Valley Community Health Services also has other programs to serve the community. There is a dental program with Dr. Roger Ames and his staff. They have a behavioral health program led by Rosalie Obregon and Susan Vigil Ladac as counselor. They have the ambulance service with Brenda Casados as coordinator.

MVCHS also is in charge of the Mora /Wagon Mound Senior Centers with Connie Garcia as director. Another program the Caridad de San Antonio is part of the services at the facility. Gilbert Valdez RN is the director of the programs under that part of the facility. It includes an adult day care center, home health, home care and personal care.

The people of Mora Valley are very fortunate to have all of these programs at their disposal. Improvements are consistently being made, for example the electronic charts mentioned above.

Mora High School gets ‘A’

Mora High School was the only high school in the area to receive an “A” in the state grading of the schools. Wagon Mound did very well also in receiving a “B. Congratulations to both schools in Mora County.

This shows the dedicated and hard working teachers and staff are doing their best and the students are committed to learning. In the different areas of the school there are winners and achievers including the music department and different organizations and classes that the students participate in.  

Recently at the region three of the Business Professionals of America conference the Mora High members did very well. The teacher, Pauline Laumbach, reports that it has started out to be an exciting year for the Mora BPA.The membership has increased from 27 to 35 members. There are 30 members who have qualified to continue on to the state conference which will be held in Albuquerque in February.

The members and the events in which they qualified are as follows: Elisa Abeyta 1st in both Fundamental Accounting  and Basic Office Procedures; Brianna Abeyta  1st in Banking and Finance; Felisha Martinez 4th in Banking and Finance and 3rd in Fundamental Accounting; Jacklin Vigil 2nd in  Banking and Finance and 3rd in Payroll accounting; Demitre Chavez 4th in Basic Office and 1st in Presentation Management Team; Santiana Marrujo 3rd Basic Office and 2nd in Fundamental Spreadsheets; Kayla Romero 2nd Basic Office and 1st Presentation Management Team; Angelica Aragon 2nd in both Computerized Accounting and Payroll Accounting; Marcos Mondragon 1st in both Computerized Accounting and Payroll Accounting; Miquela Marrujo 3rd Computerized Accounting,Lori Enriquez 1st in  Interview Skills and 2nd Database Applications; Chantel Rivera 1st in both Database Applications and Administrative Support Team; Korazon Romero 2nd Desktop Publishing and 1st in Keyboarding; Aubrey Rubin 4th Desktop Publishing; Andres Martinez 4th Fundamental Accounting and 5th Payroll Accounting; Gilbert Ramirez 2nd Fundamental Accounting and 4th Payroll Accounting; Angel Valencia 1st Administrative Support team and 5th in Fundamental Accounting; Kourtney Archuleta 5th Fundamental Spreadsheets; Onnica Pino 3rd Fundamental Spreadsheets and 1st in Fundamental Word Processing; José Trujillo 1st in both Fundamental Spreadsheets and Administrative Support Team; Alexis Armijo 4th in Fundamental Word Processing; Julianna Mendoza 3rd in Fundamental Word Processing; Lexus Trujillo 2nd Fundamental Word Processing, Mariah Abeyta 3rd Interview Skills; Bethany Lesse 2nd Interview Skills; Destiny Pacheco 5th Keyboarding and 1st Administrative Support Team; Moriah Romero 3rd in Keyboarding; Leticia Trujillo 2nd in Keyboarding; Melinda Garcia 3rd in Prepared Speech and Briana Romero 1st in Presentation Management.

The National conference will be in Chicago at the end of April. This shows how well the Mora High School students are being prepared for the business and other careers for the future.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may  be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.