Mora County Notebook - 4-H club visits and plants a garden

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By Ruth Fort

On Sunday afternoon the Mora Rough Riders 4- H Club took part in the Headwaters Community Garden, sponsored by the Mora Presbyterian Church. The 4-H- ers ages 5 to 19   planted seeds in a plot of the Presbyterian Community Garden. They were doing a community service project. The plot that they worked on belongs to the Presbyterian Church and the produce raised on it will supply food for the Food Pantry.


They dug the rows to plant their seeds. They planted pumpkins, beans, squash and corn. They then watered the area.

They were given instructions on the process for planting by their leaders Amanda Montoya and Augustine Romero Sr.
Also, standing by with advice and help was Alima Fairchild, the instigator of the garden project. They found that it was hard work but satisfying, looking forward to seeing the plants grow and reaping the harvest this fall. The church treated them to fresh water, watermelon and cookies. The leaders of the Rough Riders 4-H Club are Amanda Montoya, organizing leader and parent, Augustine Romero Sr. shoot sports leader and parent, Angela Martinez parent. The 4-H-ers who took part in the garden project are, Bailey,Montoya,Dacian  Montoya, Raylyn Montoya, Isabella Martinez, Marisol Martinez, Augustine Romero Jr., Jacen Montoya and Shiann Montoya.

The Presbyterian Church food project started when it was decided that they could do something about the hunger in the area, especially among children. With the encouragement of the Food Depot it was a decided to apply to distribute food from their church. This would be an opportunity to give the citizens another opportunity to receive food. There are other places that distribute food but there is a need to have another time to receive food for the family. From that concern a dream of a community garden came. The work began.

Part of the large back yard was plowed up and the soil worked up. Manure was donated by the Victory Alpaca Ranch and spread around and tilled into the soil. Levi Alcon donated large number old bales of hay for winter mulch. When spring came the plot was divided into patches for folks to use. Now the planting has begun and the 4-H-ers have taken their part. Tools for the garden were bought at the Mora Valley Ranch Supply Store who gave a 15% discount for everything.

With hard work on the part of some church people and generosity of the local and other people, including a generous donation by the Presbytery of Santa Fe for the entire food project, things are starting to grow and people will have a chance to go to another place for food supplement and to grow their own fresh food to feed their families.   

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.