Mora County Notebook - 102-year-old Lazaro Garcia honored

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By Ruth Fort

Lazaro Garcia celebrated his 102 birthday on Monday, April 14, 2014. The celebration took place at the Mora Senior Center with many family members, friends and well- wishers in attendance as well as the regular seniors who attend the center each day.

During the lunch hour the Archuletas came to sing Las Mañanitas and some other happy songs. After the lunch Gino Rinaldi, Secretary of New Mexico Aging and Long Service Department presented a commemorative  certificate to Mr. Garcia for his 100 and two years, and community service for many years.

This has become a tradition since New Mexico has celebrated its 100th anniversary.  The folks who were 100 years old in 1912, when the state was 100 years old have been recognized with a certificate from the New Mexico Aging and Long Service Department and Governor Susanna Martinez. Garcia and the State of New Mexico have the same birthday; 1912. Last year, 60 centenarians were honored.

The governor and the department decided that it would be good to continue the tradition to honor others who are 100 and have served their community and the state of New Mexico.

Garcia has been a patriarch in Mora for many years. He has had a long and productive life serving his community and state in many capacities. He was on the Mora School Board for 18   years. He still reads three or four papers a day and keeps up with the community affairs.

The Mora Middle School has been named the Lazaro Garcia Middle School. He was married to Dolores and they have five children, four daughters and one son. He lives with his son, Larry and wife, Irene who are his care takers. He also had 13 grand children and 24 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild as of 2000.

He is still alert and friends with many people who love and respect him. They are grateful for all he has done for Mora and the state of New Mexico.

Mora Mountain Mamas meet
Last Thursday the Mora Mountain Mamas ranging in age from 50 to 91 had their special annual Mani/Pedi Party in Las Vegas. This has been the fourth year for this favored meeting. The ladies carpooled from Mora to Las Vegas. They then gathered to have a nice lunch at an establishment in Las Vegas. They then moved on to the Cosmetology Department at Luna Communality College where they were welcomed with open arms. They were delighted with beauty treatments.

They enjoyed the afternoon being pampered and beautified.

The polite skilled students used the skills they had learned to give the ladies manicures, pedicures, waxings, facials, hair cuts and perms. The ladies were delighted with the results.

 When planning the future meeting the ladies stated that the Mani/Pedi Party was the most popular and required program. In the fifth year the ladies plan to have a little change. They plan to dine at the Luna Community College Cafeteria.

The next Mountain Mamas meeting will be in the second Monday in May.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.