Mora committing economic suicide

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Will the last Mora County Resident to leave please turn out the lights.

Just about the time we think things cannot get any worse for our zero growth, high unemployment neighbors to the north, it does, get worse that is. The body of county folks in charge must have several closets of shoes with holes in them from the ready, fire, aim approach for which they are so famous. If it is not the county complex fiasco it is the anti-fracking ordinance.

I had an interesting conversation with an educated individual in a local diner in Mora who is a die-hard anti-fracker. He acknowledged that there are areas all over the country that are utilizing fracking and doing it safely. The Dakotas are a prime example with large revenues and low unemployment of around 2 percent. They are yielding enough revenues to perhaps build several county complexes and pay cash. He also acknowledged that the science is not done to his satisfaction. I am sure Columbus had similar fears prior to departing Spain for the new world.

I do not want to be too hard on our neighbors because San Miguel County has its share of boneheaded schemes that occasionally emerge into the light of day, much to the dismay of those of us who voted them in.

Zero growth is a death sentence for most any community. Hiding behind children carrying anti-fracking signs into hearings is a pathetic way to try to make your point. It kind of reminds me of the days when Jimmy Carter had discussions with his 6-year-old daughter Amy about Nuclear Non-proliferation….  and actually admitted that he had done so prior to addressing the press.  

Consulting the legal beagles and taking a look at our governing constitutions prior to attempting to jerk the individual rights from under its citizenry might have been a good thing to do prior to making national news by writing checks with their mouth that their butts could not cash. Lord have mercy. When challenged, and it inevitably will be, the damages the county will have to pay out will make the county complex debt look like chump change.  

Locking out industry in the Mora Valley is economic suicide. As Mora shrinks, withers, and dies, will the last one out please turn out the lights and take your 15 percent unemployment with you.

Rey Herrera