Money won’t go from one school to other

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By Don Pace

Money saved on the Don Cecilio Martinez Elementary School project won’t go to repairs at Valley School, an official says.

A couple of weeks ago, the district’s architect, Antonio Ortega, reported that the money would go from Don Cecilio to Valley.

But West Las Vegas Superintendent Jim Abreu said that wasn’t the case. He clarified the matter on radio station KFUN.

Abreu said the district has found a bunch of deficiencies in the addition that the school board approved for the Valley School gymnasium and the classrooms.

“So these change orders are not for our current project at Don Cecilio, but existing issues at the new construction that you approved several years ago,” Abreu said.

Abreu told the radio audience, “During a presentation to the school board on the new Don Cecilio Elementary School renovation, district architect Antonio Ortega mentioned that we were also planing to do some work at Valley School. He inadvertently said we were using some of the money we saved at Don Cecilio for the Valley project. Actually we’re not going to do that. I heard it at the time, but I didn’t correct the mistake... I just wanted to apologize for the misunderstanding.”

Abreu said after it rains, the runoff from the hillside above Valley school was making a muddy mess, both in front and behind the gym. He said district’s construction manager, Jerry Maestas, has been working with an engineer to correct the problem.

“We will probably use some of our bond money for drainage and terrain management to keep water away from the building, as well as eroding the soil,” Abreu said.