Mil gracias - Oct. 25, 2013

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Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance would like to give thanks to the many people, organizations and businesses that helped to make the Second Annual Gallinas Watershed Olympics a successful and fun event. Thank you to the UWC-USA and especially Tom Oden, Ted Reineke, Nathan Lui and Zoe Proegler. Other sponsors include Community First Bank and Southwest Capital Bank. The Amigos de Rio Gallinas School for Ecology and the Arts organized and facilitated an exciting Kid’s Carnival at the Olympics. Thank you to Casey Applegate-Aguilar for her time and energy in making the Kid’s Carnival so great. Sunrise Kiwanis Club donated to the Olympics, as well as the Oreg Foundation, Rob and Vivian Dullien, and Alumbra Women’s Health. Zac Lujan provided a chili meal and El Fidel Restaurant provided him with the space to prepare. Pedro’s Bakery supplied baked goods and Charlie’s Spic and Span donated dozens of their tortillas. Diego Romero donated his services as the event photographer. Adding to the atmosphere of the event was the West Las Vegas High School Mariachi Band.

Ron and Virginia Duran helped to organize a blessing of the Gallinas River presided over by Deacon Pete Campos. The last ceremony at the Gallinas Watershed Olympics was an honoring of our local volunteer fire departments; plaques were given to fire chiefs Tim Nix, Karen Baldi, Andres Martinez, and James Casanova. Once again, we would like to say how thankful we are for the brave work of all those involved in the fire departments.

Without the spirit and vivacity of the team members, the Gallinas Watershed Olympics would have not have been possible. The Average Joes, The Big Bluestems, The HU Chupacabras, The Conservationists, the Cutthroat Team and the UWC-USA team, you were awesome! To our volunteers — Rose Peralta, Debbie Morse, Joseph Lujan, Chelsea Stoinski, Josh Holland, Elizabeth and Michael Withnall, Adam Caldwell, and Amy Caldwell, Steve Reichart, and the numerous UWC-USA students who volunteered on a Saturday — thank you.

One of the major draws of the Gallinas Watershed Olympics was the bountiful raffle and prize ceremony. This could not have been done without generous donors. Donors of team prizes were Los Rios River Runners, Sipapu Ski Resort, the UWC-USA, Art Essentials, Tome on the Range, and the Tractor Supply Store. Donors to the raffle were REI, The Plaza Hotel, Sante Fe Children’s Museum, Tony Lucero and Manuel Juaragui, 10,000 Waves Spa, Duran’s Tires, Next Step Hair Studio, Diego Romero, the City of Las Vegas, Serene Touch Spa, Trader Joe’s, Shaw Studio, NM Craft Brewery, BTU, Franken’s Philipp’s 66, Debbie Morse, El Fidel Restaurant, UniKat Jewelry, El Rialto Restaurant and Love Music. The raffle was good fun.

Finally, thank you to all the participants and spectators. We hope you had a great time and we at the HPWA would love to see more of the community at the next Gallinas Watershed Olympics so we can all give thanks to the real star of the event: the Gallinas River and the water it supplies us.

Julia Dullien
Education and Outreach
Coordinator for the HPWA