Mil Gracias - May 28, 2012

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Our community came together in joyous and energetic celebration on May 12 to honor our Gallinas Watershed and the people that work to keep it healthy.

Such an outpouring of support for the Gallinas community and efforts to care for our watershed was heartening to see.  

We’d like to express a great big thanks to everyone in the community who came, especially the six teams that participated in the Watershed Olympic games; the Gallinas, Sapello and Tecolote watershed teams, the West Las Vegas, Highlands University and United World College teams.  

Thanks to the businesses that donated to make the event possible: the Community First Bank, Southwest Capital Bank, Mustard Seed Grant from the First Presbyterian Church, Las Vegas BodyWorks, Tome on the Range, Thread Bear, and Adam Caldwell at Red Earth Studios. A huge thanks to the United World College for generously offering the facilities, equipment and help, and to the students for their thought-provoking play.

To the people and organizations that brought informational booths and provided great activities for the event, thank you. Thanks to Rio Gallinas School for bringing findings of their work and great activities. Thank you to Virginia Duran and Deacon Ernest Chavez from I.C. Church for the song and blessing of the river. The event could not have been possible without all the people that worked hard to pull it off, including Rock Ulibarri, Ben Gillock, Monica Rossetti, Katie Withnall, Garrett Hanks, Mitch Barker and numerous other volunteers.

Lea Knutson
Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance