Mil Gracias - May 2, 2014

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April 28 through May 2 is Jury Appreciation Week. The Fourth Judicial District Court would like to extend its gratitude to all the citizens of San Miguel, Mora and Guadalupe Counties who serve on jury duty.
Chief Judge Abigail Aragon, Judge Matthew Sandoval and Judge Gerald E. Baca would like to update the public on the improvements made by the Fourth Judicial District Court to jury service.
Effective May 1, a toll free jury number (1-844-454-2955) will be provided to jurors who are out of the 505 calling area so that jurors do not incur long distance phone costs.
We thank you and appreciate your service.
Anna Marie Luján
Court Executive Officer
Las Vegas

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MainStreet de Las Vegas salutes Martin Sena and Mariachi Cardenal for their performance at the Hotel Castañeda Community Celebration last month. We had planned the event in the ​beautiful ​courtyard facing the railroad tracks​ to show off the front of the building ​ and the day arrived with two inches of snow and a high of 38 degrees!  
Martin then had to change his plans of how to serenade Allan Affeldt, Tina Mion, Dan Lutzick, ​Mayor Ortiz, ​the governor and cabinet secretaries in the dining room. The ​Hotel Castañeda Celebration  would have been wonderful, it would have been terrific; but with the music by Martin Sena and Mariachi Cardenal it was GLORIOUS!
Cindy Collins
Executive Director
MainStreet de Las Vegas

• • •

The Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance would like to acknowledge and thank the businesses, organizations and community volunteers who helped make the second annual Gallinas River Clean-Up a successful event. A huge thank you to Einstein Bros. Bagels, World Treasures Travelers Cafe, Mary Ann’s Famous Burrito Kitchen, and Abraham’s Tiendita for supplying food, snacks and drinks for our volunteers.
Tierra y Montes Soil and Water Conservation District donated many supplies, such as gloves, poles and rebar. The city of Las Vegas and San Miguel County were a huge help, especially Diego C. Trujillo of the City’s Keep America Beautiful program, in picking up the trash and allowing for its free disposal at the local transfer centers. The NMHU Student Senate and the NMHU Conservation Club were also fundamental in supplying volunteers, along with monies for other needed supplies.
Finally, the greatest of heartfelt thanks to the 97 volunteers who donated their time and efforts to collect a whopping 6,890 pounds of trash and debris, making the Gallinas River a cleaner more beautiful place; without you this event would not be possible.
Lorraine Garcia
Las Vegas

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Con muchísimo agradecimiento.
This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Fiesta de la Hispanidad, an event that started small and has grown to where it is today. In the course of these years, there have been many audience members who have supported and cheered on the performers who, in turn, made each FDLH successful. This year was no different. Fourteen talented acts wowed and engaged the audience who enthusiastically applauded each performer. Thank you so very much to all of you, performers and audience members alike, for being the very soul of la FDLH. It makes me proud to live in this kind and community-minded town.  
The FDLH is a magical event of which we can all be proud.  Its ingredients are: community members/performers, audience/community members, talent, volunteerism, good-will, all blended together to do further good in the form of a scholarship fund to assist deserving NMHU students at the University’s Foundation Office.  This year 97 participants comprised the performance and 621 people bought $5 tickets, for a total of $3,130. After meeting our expenses at Ilfeld Auditorium, $2,647 was deposited in the FDLH Scholarship Fund.
Spreading the word about the FDLH would not be possible if it weren’t for the incredible support offered through both local radio stations with their more than generous air time both in the form of PSAs and live time, too.  I can’t thank you enough, Baca family at KFUN/KLVF and you, Martínez family and associates, Claudio, Jacob, María, at KNMX/KMDZ/KBQL. To the Optic, Martín Salazar, Mercy López, Art Trujillo, you are great!  There was so much coverage with beautiful photos and articles of the event, before and after, that served to recognize the value of the FDLH within our community.
Thank you, too, to Margaret McKinney, NMHU Public Relations press writer for the article on the NMHU Home Page. From the generous money donations from our two sponsors, NMHU President Jim Fries and Community 1st Bank, who year after year have supported the FDLH, door prizes and refreshments were bought.
I am so grateful for your financial backing. The additional donations by Hilton Santa Fe Golf Resort & Spa at Buffalo Thunder and Santa Claran Hotel for a two night stay at each hotel were used as additional door prizes: The FDLH truly appreciates your giving spirit to our community. A huge thank you is sent also to the NMHU Foundation, Jim Mandarino, Julianne Salman and Corie Weaver for designing and printing the flyers and programs.
Muchísimas gracias to Donna Martínez and the entire Ilfeld Auditorium technical crew, Charles, Quintin, Vincent, Ian, Manny, and Cindy, for your courtesy and professionalism in dealing with all the performers and to Beverly Ortega who had polished the lobby floors for that night’s performance.
Un agradecimiento de todo corazón to my constant supporters and friends, Dolores, Ray, Stephen and to my wonderful husband, Jay. A final thank you is due to the Undergraduate Social Work students who worked in the lobby and Reyes and Angélica who made the raffle so much fun. De nuevo, mil gracias a cada uno de Uds.  La FDLH truly is a community volunteer event!
Sara Harris
FDLH Organizer