Mil Gracias letter

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By The Staff

The staff and students of Legion Park Elementary School would like to thank Hacienda and Gamble’s for their generous loan of a combined 200 brown-paper shopping bags. In celebration of upcoming Earth Day, the students colored each bag with a picture of what they love most about our planet (and, on some, a heartfelt message to us adults to save it for them). These bags have been given back to each store for distribution during the month of April.

The merchants of Las Vega have long been avid supporters of our schools and students. In these tough economic times, this project was a win-win for both students and the stores. The stores were able to support a school with no cost to them and our children were able to give something personal back — their art.

We encourage you to support these stores and enjoy your original piece of “art.” Again, thank you, Hacienda and Gamble’s.

Jane Chavez

Judee Williams

Legion Park Elementary School