Mil Gracias - Dec. 12, 2011

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A hearty thank you to all the wonderful people who contributed to our organization during the past two weeks with warm, fashionable and usable clothing (including shoes, boots, gloves, scarves, shirts, pants, sweaters and heavy coats and jackets), and incredible quantities of canned and packaged food that was collected by the Post Office carriers Nov. 19.

Specific groups and individuals that we want to thank are the Church of the Latter Day Saints for their two deliveries of clothing (each one filled trucks to “the brim”), Dr. Thomas Strain who shared men’s warm and fashionable clothing with our members, Roxanne Gomez, a student from Highlands University whose donation of lovely women’s items brought many smiles to our “ladies” — and to Dennis Ortiz, whose donation of a “fussball” table is bringing hours of fun to the members!

And not to forget all of the folks in Las Vegas who donated the food which the Postal Service brought to our building — this food will be shared with our neighbors so that many will have food on their tables to serve their families this holiday season!

Shela Silverman
Las Vegas

On behalf of the National Association of Letter Carrier Local 823, we would like to thank you for announcing our food drive held on Nov. 19. With your help in advertising we were able to collect over 7,000 pounds of food. Again, thank you.

Charlotte Wootton
Food Drive Coordinator