Mil Gracias

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The Mental Health Association of New Mexico wants to thank the wonderful volunteers from the Latter Day Saints community in Las Vegas who worked so hard on two Saturdays to build us a fence on the property owned by Patrick Romero that we are leasing for our program, Richard’s Drop-In Center.  

We also want to thank the Bank of Las Vegas, BTU Building and Supply, Mack Crow (our treasurer and ardent supporter) for their donations of time and funds that we used to pay for the supplies. The fence could not have been  constructed without the equipment and tools that the volunteers brought with  them — since our organization has nothing that was required for this project.

This fence symbolizes both a physical and spiritual construct as the work was done with love and caring for one another! I had the honor of watching the work done by the volunteers and  there was never a harsh word or comment passed for the many hours that they  worked as a “team.”

Many thanks to everyone who was involved!

Shela Silverman
Las Vegas