Mil Gracias

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On behalf of la Fiesta de la Hispanidad, I wish to thank all the participants who performed last March 26 in Ilfeld Auditorium at the 17th annual Fiesta de la Hispanidad. Each of you was an individual success, and I am deeply appreciative of you, your talent, and the hours spent in practicing for the time spent on stage. Your spirit of volunteerism and good will is what shapes and characterizes the soul of this event.

Thank you also to those 633 people in attendance; your support, applause and encouragement were what our performers deserved. Please know that, thanks to your $4 admission ticket, a total of $1,907.20 has been deposited at the NMHU Foundation to assist Social Work students enrolled in the Bilingual/Bicultural Social Work Masters Program.

Thanks to our sponsors, NMHU President Jim Fries and Community 1st Bank, for donating the door prizes and refreshments, and to Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort for its two-night donation stay. Thanks also to the School of Social Work, and Julia Lucero, Estrella Lucero and Design Prestige Company for designing the programs and flyers, and to Pam García for their printing.

Thanks to KFUN/KLVF FM Radio Station and the Baca family and to KNMX/KMDZ Z96 FM Radio Station staff, Claudio y María, and the Martínez family, for the free publicity. I can scarcely express my feelings of appreciation for all you do to advertise la Fiesta. Tom McDonald, I thank you for demonstrating interest in the success of this community event through articles in the Optic. Mil gracias, también, a Mercy López for being present that evening and taking pictures.  Recognition and thanks are due to Margaret McKinney from the NMHU Public Relations Office for her article and for posting it on the NMHU website. I consider both of our community´s radio stations and local newspaper, also, as sponsors of la Fiesta for, without your support and gift of advertising, the word would not get out to the public.  

Muchísimas gracias to Donna Martínez and the Ilfeld Auditorium technical crew, Ian, Manny, Alicia, Tiffiney, Brian, Charles, Joe, for their guidance, courtesy and help, and to Beverly Ortega for making Ilfeld Auditorium shine. Un agradecimiento muy sincero to my friends and supporters, Dolores Ortega and Irma Sánchez, to Stephen García, always willing to help, to my social work students, Jeanette, Ramona, and Sandra, and to my husband Jay, who all helped out in the lobby. Para mi encantadora y platicadora Carmen López from NMHU, thank you for taking posters out of town, and to Carmen and Domingo Madrid, thanks for helping with the drawing at the end of the evening.

This truly is a community generated event!

Sara Harris
FDLH Coordinator