Mil Gracias

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I have been chosen to participate in the Down Under Track & Field to be held in Australia from June 26 through July 4.

I would like to thank everyone who helped and bought raffles for me to attend.  First, thank you, grandma and grandpa, Joann and Julian Rains for selling the bulk of raffles. Thank you, mom and dad, Auntie Nini, Betty Jo, my nino and nina, Lily, Karen, and the Las Vegas Optic for publishing my raffle sale. Also Ernesto and Mike at First Community Bank, The Elks Lodge and Lesperance’s Dairy Queen for their donations; and, finally, my Sensei, Margaret Montoya for allowing me to use the dojo for the raffle drawing and to have a bake sale.

The winners of the raffle prizes were:

First Prize: Edward Ebell
Second Prize: Eddie Trujillo
Third Prize: Will Alexander

I am honored to be able to represent the City of Las Vegas, my high school, Robertson High, and the state of New Mexico in Australia this summer.

Julia Maile Hoogerhuies
Las Vegas