Mil Gracias

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On Sunday Dec. 2, Casa de Cultura, Highlands University and East Las Vegas School put on the third annual Mariachi Christmas Concert at Ilfeld Auditorium.

Las gracias a la gente de Las Vegas, the parents, families and friends — all 700 plus of you in attendance — for supporting the Mariachi program and children.

Mil gracias to Maestro Martin Sena, for his ability to teach 150 young people some valuable cultural skills. Maestros Wally Sanchez and Gary Sena are also an integral part of the teaching team.

Thanks to Donna Martinez, events director of Ilfeld Auditorium, for her excellent managerial skills that are so necessary in the production of any successful event. Her sound and lights stage technicians provided the technical skills that made the concert run smoothly.

Thanks to Dean Bill Taylor for believing in making Highlands facilities available to community organizations.

A special thanks to Maricela Hidalgo, a Casa volunteer who has been the main organizer of the event for the last two years.

Not the least is the publicity that Joseph Baca of KFUN and Matt Martinez of KNMX by providing public services announcement beginning two weeks before the concert. Advertising is the component that makes any event successful.

Miguel Angel
Casa de Cultura