Mess causing flat tires

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I am writing in regard to the Las Vegas city transfer station and the railroad crossing on Arriba Road, which leads to the city transfer station.

Ever since the transfer station was built, there has been an ongoing issue with trash being blown everywhere and dropped onto the street and railroad crossing.

The area crossing over the railroad is of specific concern to me. Nails, screws, boards, trash, etc. frequently fall off of vehicles carrying trash and debris to the transfer station. This is to be expected. The problem, however, is that vehicles crossing that area are at risk of flat tires, some of which get ruined beyond repair.

As a neighboring land owner and on behalf of Ride To Pride, its clients and employees, I am truly disheartened by the lack of care and maintenance that is provided for this area. Many of our clients, employees and guests have had flat and/or ruined tires because of the mess over the railroad crossing. I have gone in person to the transfer station many times to complain and ask someone to clean up and have also been to the city manager’s office and have attempted to meet with the mayor regarding this issue that no one seems to want to take responsibility for.

The transfer station is in the ETZ zone between city and county limits; however, the transfer station is owned and operated by the city. It seems to me that if the city owns the transfer station and receives the profits from it, it should have to take responsibility for keeping that area clean and hazard safe.

Many of our clients are poor and can barely afford to put gas in their vehicles, much less have money to replace or fix tires. Ride To Pride is a nonprofit organization that can’t afford this problem either. I wouldn’t think it would be that big of an issue or expense for the city to have a street sweeper go over all of that area a few times a week.

I am publicly requesting that the city take responsibility.
Lorraine Esquibel
Las Vegas