Men accused in explosion

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By Don Pace

Two Las Vegas men were arrested early Tuesday morning after police were called to investigate an explosion at the Dairy Queen at 2408 Seventh St.

Chad Zamora, 21, 2028 Mark Drive, and Matthew Almanzar, 19, 870 Castle View Drive, were each charged with the dangerous use of explosives and criminal damage to property.

Lt. Theodore Chavez and Officer Kenneth Stumberg of the Las Vegas Police Department responded to the call shortly before 1 a.m. After arriving at the Dairy Queen, they found a two-litter bottle of Dr. Pepper scattered on the ground near the door. After further investigation, it was determined that the bottle was filled with an explosive substance and placed near the glass door when it was detonated, police said.

Before the Dairy Queen explosion, witnesses told police, they saw someone throwing fireworks out of a gray Dodge Neon. The car was later spotted and pulled over in the 1900 block of Eighth Street. Police noticed a plastic bottle that appeared to have been blown up on the passenger side floorboard and detained and handcuffed Zamora and Almanzar, according to court records.

After being read their rights both men agreed to speak to the officers, saying they were out playing with fireworks and had loaded plastic bottles with explosives from fireworks and were blowing things up, including the door at Dairy Queen, documents state.

According to statements made by both men, they began blowing things up in the back yard of one of the men’s homes. Explosives were then placed in a trash can at the Sonic Drive-in, in a residential mailbox and at the Dairy Queen, documents state.

Zamora and Almanzar both said they just wanted to set off alarms at the Dairy Queen and not damage property, according to court records. Dairy Queen owners said the estimated cost to repair the glass door is about $800.