Meaningful gun laws need to be passed

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I feel informed after reading (Tom McDonald’s column) titled “Free speech and gun rights,” published on Jan. 7.

The public is ready to accept meaningful laws relevant to tighter gun control, particularly related to the use of assault weapons. However, we already see and understand that new regulations, like ones already on the books, are highly unlikely to be enforced. First, let’s write regulations that must be enforced, that the regulators can and will use to regulate the action that is begging to be regulated.

The NRA represents the will of its members, and perhaps to a small degree, represents gun manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if the NRA agrees or disagrees with tightening government laws, our politicians must do what is best for the public good. This can be done while keeping faith with the intent of the Second Amendment. We do this in other areas and we can do it by limiting assault weapons and assault weapons ammunition.

Let’s not forget that many wholesale slaughters occur from persons who are not in touch with reality. These people must be identified, treated and not have access to assault weapons.

Keep up this lively discussion.

Mel Root
Las Vegas