Mayor Ortiz isn’t the problem

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I read the column by Lee Einer on May 6 with some interest. However, it left me with several questions that must be addressed before I am convinced to support a mayoral recall movement. I fully support the Community Water Rights Ordinance, but I am confused why the City Council has not confronted the mayor’s refusal to sign the ordinance. He has stated his reason for not doing so, and it is up to them to seek legal support to force him to sign it. This is not an issue of personalities but rather a city charter question reflecting a weakness in the document. Unless it is resolved it will arise again and again. So fix the problem.

The issue regarding Ortiz holding two offices simultaneously has merit and should have been addressed during the campaign.

However Lee, the main problem with your argument occurs about halfway through. You state the “mayor’s responsibility” is to “execute the will” of the City Council. But for the rest of the column you condemn the mayor for not exercising leadership concerning local issues. Either the mayor is an administrative figurehead, or the position has legal responsibilities. If the former, why is the mayor even required to sign ordinances; if the latter, then prove the occupant’s actions are illegal, thus necessitating recall. Again, these are charter questions, so let’s fix it so they do not arise again.

The current mayor is not the problem. The problem is a lack of structural clarity within the local government. Address this issue and the rest will be resolved.

Milton Deemer
Las Vegas